Broken bolt or tap? We will remove it safe and fast

We can drill through materials as tough as 12.9. During this process we will make a square hole, so you can easily unscrew the bolt in the opposite direction. Curious how we manage to do that?

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Patented technique: eroding broken bolts, headed bolts and/or taps

A patented technique that will surely save you time removing bolts from your machinery (big and small)! We often see customers who (under stress of workload) try to remove a bolt using drilling techniques. They usually make problems bigger, ending up with the drill stuck in the bolt. We take a different approach that is guaranteed and cost efficient.

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Techniques: welding and eroding

We master and apply a large set of techniques. Craftmanship is a core value of us. Read more about it:*


We operate on a global scale, but our home base is Dinteloord, The Netherlands. We regularly get contracted for projects in France, Portugal and Germany. Read more: