MIG/MAG Welding

MIG / MAG welding belongs to the group of gas metal arc welding. Within this group of welding processes that use electrical energy as a heat source and a shielding gas to protect weld pool / electrode / filler wire fall. In MIG / MAG welding, an arc is drawn between a continuous consumable electrode and the workpiece. The electrode is a thin wire which is usually rinsed. On a reel The composition of the filler metal is coordinated to the metal to be welded, which is the general rule (which by no means always the case), the filler metal is usually alloyed than the base material. Slightly higher Almost always, the strength of the weld metal thereby slightly larger than the strength of the base material, in order to ensure that the weld zone in the weakest of the construction. After solidification of the molten weld sides, together with the filler metal, the welded joint. The arch is surrounded by an inert or active shielding, thus the naming of the process is determined (MIG = Metal Inert Gas and MAG = Metal Active Gas). MIG / MAG welding, semi-mechanized or mechanized can be fully applied.